Local Government Planners Association (LGPA)

LGPA is a professional association comprising local government planners and related consultants, public servants and others, interested in the promotion of sound local planning.

The Association, established in 1981 and incorporated 1984, is affiliated with the Planning Institute of Australia and has actively involved itself in discussion forums, advisory committees and representations to Government on matters of local planning importance.

LGPA strives for a balance of professional development and fellowship between members. It is administered by an executive committee, which is elected every twelve months. The promotion of ethics and refinement of planning and management skills are ongoing challenges. LGPA ensures that you the member are well informed and actively involved.

We are currently enjoying a period of rapid growth with increasing membership each year and sold- out functions. We are proud of our membership and our achievements and we are very excited about the future.


This strategic plan is a bold vision to rejuvenate the LGPA and confirm its role as the principal planning association for local government planners in WA.

In essence, the strategic plan seeks to:

  • build and maintain a credible professional profile;
  • build membership, including services delivered to members;
  • maintain regular, relevant education opportunities; and
  • maintain fellowship opportunities.

Download a copy of the LGPA Strategic Plan 2010-2015


LGPA’s Constitution 2021(as amended) guides LGPA with six overarching key constitutional objectives.

These objectives include;

  • Represent the views and interests of the profession
  • Encourage training and education
  • Arbitration and advice for Local Government planners
  • Promote development and enhancement of the profession
  • Support full cooperation with PIA and interstate LGPAs
  • Provide recreation and social interaction for Planners

LGPA Constitution 2021 (as amended) 


Most Significant Contribution to Planning

2020/21: Donna Shaw

For her broad range of achievements at the Town of Bassendean, including progressing significant projects, improving the organisational culture, and ongoing training of staff and elected members.

2019/20: Kathy Bonus

For her highly engaging and consultative approach to achieving planning reform.

2016/17 (Planner): David Doy

For his active role in planning for mobile food vans and leadership in place making initiatives through his innovative thinking, an inclusive and collaborative approach which has furthered the profile of Town Planners beyond conventional duties.

2016/17 (Non-Planner): Jay Hardison

For his advocacy of the important role that Town Planners have in economic development matters.

2015/16: Bob Jeans

2014/15: Juliette Hammah

LGPA Life Members

  • Joslin Colli
  • Ryan Hall
  • Warren Andersen
  • David Gray
  • Steven Hiller
  • Max Hipkins
  • Eric Lumsden
  • Frank McGrath
  • Denis McLeod
  • Ian MacRae
  • Nathan Ritchie
  • Steven Tan