Western Planner was a much-loved periodical newsletter produced between 1982 and 2009 by the WA branch of the Planning Institute of Australia (formerly RAPI) with the support of the LGPA and AAPC.

It promoted local planning issues and debate and kept members informed of industry developments and events and included the highly-popular ‘Movements’ column (or ‘Hide and Seek’, as it later became known), which made sense of the seemingly endless game of musical chairs that planners would play moving through the public and private sectors.

The LGPA has secured a significant proportion of Western Planner back-catalogues and intends to ultimately have them available for downloading here. In the meantime, a sample of editions from various eras can be viewed from the following links.

Western Planner Vol 3 No 5 – April 1986

Western Planner Vol 11 No 4 – October 1993

Western Planner Vol 17 No 1 – March 2000

Western Planner Vol 29 No 14 – April 2008